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Asia Pacific Carbon Forum (APCF)


Please find the event report of the Asia Pacific Climate Week 2018 here.

The Paris Agreement calls for the urgently needed transition to renewable energy and other climate solutions, which requires the mobilization of investments of up to USD 2 trillion annually from all sources—public and private. In Asia and the Pacific, the banking sector has traditionally played the major financing role. However, stricter capital adequacy requirements and maturity mismatches may have constrained lending. Instead, capital markets can complement bank financing and provide an alternative intermediation mechanism between investors and project developers for climate and SDG aligned (green) projects and portfolios.

Therefore, engaging financial institutions is crucial for catalysing climate aligned finance and sustainable investing in Asia and the Pacific. Financial institutions have participated in the Asia Pacific Carbon Forum (ACPF) since recent years; however, their engagement can be enhanced. On one hand, it is crucial for financial institutions to deeply understand how Article 6 will be formulated and hence reflect on their potential roles in a post-2020 carbon market. On the other hand, showcase of new and innovative financing opportunities for CDM and other climate actions will help Asia and the Pacific region to tap tremendous potential embedded in capital markets. 

Asia Pacific Climate Week (ACPW)

The Asia Pacific Carbon Forum is part of the Asia Pacific Climate Week, which is a series of annual events organized in each region under the Nairobi Framework Partnership (NFP), which is serviced by the UNFCCC. The aim is to increase the prominence and scope of these events, and to make them key events on climate for each region.  The Asia Pacific Climate Week APCW 2017 in Bangkok designed to advance regional climate action through the promotion of market-based actions, economic instruments and climate-aligned finance. The ultimate aim is to support implementation of countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement.

The events held during APCW 2017 will include:

  • Asia-Pacific Carbon Forum 2017, covering topics such as Global Climate Action, sectoral discussions on climate action, MRV and transparency, updates on carbon markets, and finance and investment for climate (13-14 December)
  • Roundtables on a variety of related topics including the use of CDM in the future mechanism, government procurement programs, strengthening regional collaboration capacity for negotiators (13-14 December)
  • High Level Event on Climate Action (15 December)

Over the past decade, the APCF has provided a unique platform for Asia Pacific to engage on climate change issues in the region. The Forum brings together key stakeholders from the public sector and other non-Party actors from Asia Pacific and beyond. It witnesses the participation of key multilateral and bilateral development institutions and experts to discuss urgent actions needed on the ground and share experience and build capacity for implementation of actions.

The APCF has been pivotal in connecting project developers with foreign investors, carbon market representatives and government representatives, engaging Asia Pacific in the global climate finance process. For progressive policymakers from the Asia-Pacific, the annual forum has been a “must-attend” event, critical for keeping up with the latest on climate finance, carbon markets and mechanisms.

The APCF is clearly the best opportunity for policymakers, business people and public sector officials to build their professional and business networks in Asia.

Meet us in Bangkok to learn, share and connect!

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The 2017 Asia Pacific Carbon Forum (APCF 2017) is a leading regional conference and exhibition for climate action related to markets and economic instruments. The event provides an excellent platform to exchange knowledge and information regarding carbon markets and, more recently, nationally determined contributions’ implementation, at a regional level.

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